Urban Habitat Gardens

Why not create a place in your yard that will help restore some of our natural habitat that has been lost through urbanization? Even a 100 square foot wildflower garden can attract insects and birds that rely on our indigenous plants for their food sources and reproduction. Science has shown the livelihood and even the existence of our native fauna requires the presence of native plants.

Doug Tallamy, a University of Delaware professor, has written a book, Bringing Nature Home, in which he describes how habitat has been degraded and fragmented by an onslaught of urbanization. What he wants people to know is that homeowners can re-create the environment for our native species of all types right in our own yards. The need for these gardens is always increasing as natural habitat decreases.

New Urban Landscaping strives to provide opportunities for restoration of habitat by including native plants of any kind in a plant selection for a yard. This could come in the form of a wildflower garden, a selection of purely native trees, shrubs, and perennials in a design project, or simply including as many native plants for pollinators as possible in a conventional design.

Indeed, as Dr. Tallamy notes, it is the people who provide the gardens that will help to re-create populations of birds, mammals and insects that inhabited our land before it was settled. As a landowner, you can provide a vital link to this vast chain between the public lands and preserves that we have now.

New Urban Landscaping will provide clients with the experience and ability to design and implement habitat gardens for the urban dweller. The gardens will forge a link with the remaining natural habitats and nurture our native ecosystem in a way that cannot be done without our native plant palette.