Design Focus:

Formal—with evergreens, annuals, specimen plants

Secluded rooms

Secret gardens

Integrate new gardens with existing features

Shade gardens for woody and perennial plants

Perennial gardens for sun and shade

Remove an old and tired landscape and design new features with a new plant list

Re-build depleted and compacted soil with compost and tilling

Nativescaping: convert areas to prairie and savanna gardens, incorporate stormwater run-off solutions using native plants in water gardens, bioswales or run-off deflectors.

Transform detention ponds from fescue to natives and save mowing costs



The Nitty Gritty and Gardening:

Edging using metal, stone, or just spaded

Pruning, mulch, clean-up, weeds sprayed, shrubs trimmed

Scheduled maintenance: weekly, monthly or as needed

Hardscaping with stone, gravel or interlocking concrete blocks

Fertilize trees and shrubs

Spring dormant oil spraying for insect control